• Our pumps are designed to accept standard fittings available at local fitting supply stores.  However, Zeke's Engineering has many aluminum fittings available to fit your applications, and make installation easy.  They can be ordered separately, or in conjunction with a pump order.

  • Warning: These fittings are designed for automotive cooling systems, and have a maximum working pressure of 50 psi.  They may physically fit into higher pressure systems, but are not recommended for them.  NEVER USE THESE FITTINGS FOR OIL, HYDRAULIC FLUID, REFRIGERANT, AIR, FUEL, HIGH PRESSURE WATER, STEAM, BRAKE FLUID, OR ANY FLUID OTHER THAN AUTOMOTIVE ENGINE COOLANT.  They are designed specifically for engine coolant systems, and are compatible only with fluids, temperatures, and pressures normally associated with automotive engine coolant systems.  

  • Fittings are separated into INLET and OUTLET categories in our on-line store, and are arranged by size within each category.  Please select the "VISIT OUR STORE" button below to view and select the fittings you want.

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