ZP20 and ZL20 Car Water Pump

Zeke's Engineering automotive water pumps are designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested in the USA.  These electric water pumps are designed with endurance in mind to be the most robust and durable pumps on the market.  

  • The ZL20 is ideal for Drag Racing, Tractor Pull, SCCA Ralley Racing, and other short duration events.  It weighs about four (4) pounds.  
  • The ZP20 is ideal for longer-duration events.  It weighs about five (5) pounds.

The pump housing is aluminum.  The impellor is engineered high temperature plastic.  The shaft seal is carbon-ceramic (similar to production automobiles).  The housing seals are Buna-N O-ring seals.  Fasteners in the wet areas are stainless steel.  The motor is a robust, permanent magnet unit with a stainless steel shaft and ball bearing shaft supports.  The pumps are provided with a 6 feet long wire harness.   Each pump is tested to ensure leak-free operation.  Just another reason Zeke's Engineering offers a one year limited warranty. 

Pump Specifications are as follows:

  • Power - 12 Volt, 6 - 8 Amps (running load)
  • Free Flow: 20 gpm
  • Overall Size: 4 x 4 x 6 inches
  • Inlet Size: 1" FPT (Female Tapered Pipe Thread)
  • Outlet Size: -12 ORB (SAE O-Ring Boss)


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ZP20 and ZL20 Automotive Water Pump

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